What we offer

At Shaping Change we work with you to REALLY understand your issues, then to develop tailored solutions. We ask you lots of questions and spend time understanding your business to get to the bottom of your challenges before we move on to suggesting products and services.

We bring many years of experience in organisational development and accreditations in a wide range of world class diagnostic tools and psychometrics to help get clarity on the key issues.

We then recommend powerful strategic interventions.

We can help you with:

  • Facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Measurement and development of the right organisational culture
  • Purpose, vision and values
  • Organisation design
  • Executive retreats
  • Development of your leadership team and managers
  • Change management and transition leadership
  • Team building
  • Development of constructive and effective behaviours
  • Capability and competence
  • Succession planning
  • Engaging and motivating employees
  • Better communication
  • Performance development, mentoring and coaching
  • Reward and recognition

Featured programs

Leadership and Executive Coaching – Combine one or more of our diagnostic tools with a program of coaching for powerful results. Ros’ recommendation for results-based behaviour change is the Life Styles Inventory combined with the MSCEIT for a deep understanding of both your behaviour and the emotions that drive it.

Individual Coaching – Ros guides people to find solutions to their challenges in careers, behavioural change, leadership development, teamwork, emotional intelligence, communication and more. Ask about our coaching packages.

Organisations are experiencing more and more change. Something that we know is that change impacts people in different ways. Change can be seen as an opportunity or as a threat. Our programs help leaders and employees cope with change, to become more resilient and to thrive in this new environment. We ensure that you are skilled up to deal with change constructively, to assist others, and to find your own opportunities through the change process.

Leading with Authenticity in Times of Change – for senior leaders
Leading Change – for leaders
Dealing with Change – for employees

Why Choose Us?

  • Making a difference. We believe in adding value to your business. We want to make the world a better place by shaping authentic leaders and organisations.
  • Integrity. We believe in telling you the truth, even when it is challenging. We become your trusted advisors.
  • Excellence. We believe in doing our absolute best for you every single time. We are experienced leaders who understand the challenges of business.
  • Respect. We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and that every individual, team and organisation is unique.
  • Curiosity. We believe that the answers are not always obvious and that an inquiring mind can be our most valuable tool.
  • Balance. We believe that people matter and organisational outcomes matter, and that when the balance is right you get the best results.
  • Learning. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela).

What Clients Say

Some of the key things our clients say when describing us (we know this because we asked them recently) are:
“Trusted, supportive, honest.”
“Structured, systematic, open and honest communication.”
“In-depth practical knowledge of organisational culture and management practices. Brings a collaborative approach with a willingness to discuss our requirements and environment and to tailor a product to suit our needs. Someone who is genuine and authentic.”
“Tailored, personalised service – I never feel that you’re trotting out the same stuff you give all your clients and appreciate that when we meet you have clearly prepared and thought about it ahead of time.”
“Your lovely manner – friendly, supportive and non-judgemental but also challenging and questioning while keeping me accountable and not giving me the answers.”
“Your incredible breadth and depth of knowledge – it seems that whatever issue I’m grappling with or thing I want to work on you have experience, knowledge and tools to help.”
“Inspiring, honest and trustworthy, practical.”
“Unwavering commitment to improving the workplace (and, indirectly, home life as a result). Dedication and enthusiasm to helping others ‘discover’ themselves. Knowledge and experience to help in all situations where workplace harmony and personal growth are paramount.”
“Willingness to share, openness to ideas, listening.”