Clients & Testimonials

Some of Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients

"Ros has provided the leadership framework and support to transform our Executive into a higher performing team."

Danny Sutton, CEO - Richmond Fellowship Tasmania

"Ros has a natural ability to draw the best out of people in a professional and business-like manner, but with a lighthearted friendly touch. She deeply believes in the capacity of everyone she works with to achieve big and on-purpose. I envy her facilitation skills and enjoy watching her work a room!"

Angela Driver, General Manager - Tasmanian Leaders Inc.

"Shaping Change is Goanna Energy’s partner of choice for Organisational Development and Human Resources strategic advice. I have found Ros to be highly knowledgeable, professional and engaging. She brings energy and enthusiasm combined with practical solutions to the project at hand, and delivers quality outcomes."

Marc White, Consultant - Goanna Energy

"Ros' coaching qualities are top notch. She has great experience in working with people and understanding the human condition. This empathy and expertise enables her to support leaders to get the most out of themselves and their teams. Beyond one-on-one time together, Ros's Shaping Change newsletter and online network, the Inner Circle provide ongoing opportunities for learning, reflection and action."

Margie Jenkin, Environmental Defenders Office (EDO), Tasmania - Fundraiser

"The first time I heard Ros speak I was completely captivated with not only her message but the authenticity with which she delivered it. The topic was on Emotional Intelligence, a phrase bandied around quite a bit but Ros fully helped me understand exactly what it meant and more importantly how that particular piece of knowledge could be used in a positive way. I am so very grateful to her for this."

Polly Venning, CEO - Tasmania & Executive Connect Global PTY LTD

"Ros is an exceptional change agent and has supported Cosmos through a challenging time of transition. Her advice was always consistent with the key messages we wanted to promote and her feedback on how she thought we were tracking was always honest. Ros provided change workshops for staff which were of a very high quality. Without Ros’ guidance our change process would have been far more challenging and not as well staged. Our current success is in part due to her support."

Catherine Viney, CEO - Cosmos Inc.

"Having known and worked with Ros for many years I truly value her drive and determination to enhance all aspects of our working lives. This also translates to lessons for life in general, with much to take away and contemplate in everyday situations. The advice Ros gives and her direct teaching style are incisive and thought provoking, providing a chance to step back and reflect on our personal behaviours and styles. I can recommend Ros to any organisation keen to build on its key assets – its own people."

Rod Taylor

"Ros does a great job of translating contemporary leadership thinking to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Ros has a passion and energy for developing and transforming organisations, and she has played an important and valuable role in my leadership journey. Ros has also helped our organisation through a period of cultural change and renewal and we will continue to work with her as we transform our not-for-profit organisation into a sustainable, vibrant and engaged business."

Georgie Ibbott, General Manager - Family Planning Tasmania

"I have had the good fortune to work both with Ros in developing workshops and also as a participant of workshops she has facilitated. I have found that Ros’s genuine wish to best meet the needs of her clients and workshop participants has ensured the best possible outcomes for both my organisation and me personally. Ros has an in-depth knowledge that is backed by a practical and realistic approach and her reflective style really seems to resonant well with workshop participants and me personally."

Karen Dabner, Senior Consultant, Organisational Development - Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

"I've found Ros to be an amazing coach and mentor, her strategies and insights have helped me across a range of roles, both as leader and team member. She has the ability to get to the heart of the organisation's issues and to provide practical, workable strategies to drive change forward. Her insights around personality types and how they affect workplace behaviour are especially useful. I have greatly benefited from the learnings I've gained both from working with Ros one-one-one, and from my membership of the Inner Circle."

Selina Spowart, Assistant Functions Coordinator, MONA

"I have had the privilege of working with Ros over a 2-3 year period in both group and one on one coaching sessions. Through the one on one coaching and mentoring program, Ros has assisted me improve my professional leadership style, relationship building skills and personal positivity. Ros delivers the detailed diagnostic results in a supportive and inspiring manner that has allowed me implement practical tools and as a result has redefined by career objectives and goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ros to individuals, large or small organisations."

Steve Wilson, Billing Manager - FRC Project - Aurora Energy

"Ros, you have been such a wonderful find for me both personally and professionally. On a personal level your ability to ask the questions that develops my knowledge of myself further is so useful, particularly the analysis when I think I have behaved in a red way, and wanting to know why something provoked that type of response. Your work with Cosmos has been transformational. We have restructured, grown and are now all heading in the same direction. This has happened in a very short time. I feel very glad to have your input and support for the next stage of our organisations development."

Catherine Viney, CEO - Cosmos Inc.

"I found the day to be particularly valuable. The program highlighted some real opportunities for us as a leadership team, particularly as we are negotiating such a busy period and one of significant and rapid change. I really benefited from the clarity of the process that enabled ‘us’ to identify the difference between what we (I) thought was happening and the perspectives of others. My significant learning from the day was to make the opportunity to learn from those you work with – especially those with whom you work closely. What you think is obvious may not actually be right. It is all about communication (listening)."

Paul Byrne, CEO - Veranto

"Your presentation on Leading Change was engaging, inspiring and made participants reflect on how they personally cope with change. Your presentation manner was professional, engaging, educational and covered a lot of ground. The information was easy to digest and built beautifully on their previous MBTI work. So thank you again for the generous donation of your time and expertise, and for helping make our community session a genuine success - it is the contribution that you, and people like you, make to this program that enables it to be the success that it is and we look forward to inviting you back again next year."

Angela Driver, General Manager - Tasmanian Leaders Inc.

"Ros has worked with myself, as a HR Manager and the broader HR team. From a personal perspective, Ros has provided valued advice and support to me in my role and made herself available to talk through my challenges. Ros has a very flexible approach, is pragmatic and is keen to transfer her knowledge and experience to help others which has been invaluable. Ros has also worked with the broader team using the LSI diagnostic and debrief sessions - this has had a positive impact on the team and we look forward to undertaking further work to continue the development of the team - how we work together and with our clients. Ros is keen to share her experiences and knowledge - a very refreshing approach!"

Yvette Steele, HR Manager - Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources

"Through working with Ros I have been able to learn and understand much more about myself and how I operate, but also how that impacts on others (positively and negatively) as well as how I can make changes to get the best out of myself and also my team. In what has been a challenging year for me, it has been a blessing to have an independent sounding board who I can talk to about issues and situations and how best to manage them. While at times I feel a bit indulgent spending the time and money on myself I have found my sessions with Ros to be invaluable as they have allowed me to take stock of where I’m at, how I got here and what comes next. My coaching sessions with Ros have been an informative, challenging, entertaining and rewarding experience for me."

Jennifer Lee, Acting Director - Department of Justice, Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading

"During my coaching sessions with Ros I was seeking to have a clearer understanding of my values and underlying motives. Ros took me through a process to determine my core values and articulate what they mean to me and, how they may play out in my leadership style and interactions with others. My sessions with Ros has built on the learnings I had gained from the Tasmanian Leaders Program and enabled me to delve deeper in to areas I had identified in myself as needing further exploration.

"After researching a number of options, I considered Ros to be the right fit for what I wanted to achieve. As an executive coach, Ros is well researched in leadership and human behaviour. Ros comes with a wealth of knowledge and was able to draw on many studies and resources to support our discussions which she shared with me to consider and absorb outside of our meetings. I was confident in Ros' ability to understand my needs and focus and guide me in the areas important to me at that time. Engaging Ros as an executive coach has taken me to a new level of awareness that has had both immediate and ongoing benefits. It has been a positive and worthwhile experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to gain further insight in to themselves and, expand their leadership capacity."

Stella Cook, Vice Consul (Immigration) - Australian Consulate-General, Guangzhou

"I am so pleased that I committed to coaching with Ros. Her coaching approach guides you to where you need to be to address/resolve matters that are important to you, and she asks great questions. I found the sessions gave me the opportunity to re-clarify and re-focus on the priorities in my current role and one thing that has really changed as a result is I now build in a regular and extended period for strategic thinking/planning. As I move forward I am feeling positive and enthused to tackle some (old and new) challenges differently."

Hilary Fazackerley, Head of People & Culture, Hydro Tasmania, Momentum Energy, Entura

"There were many positive comments from our session yesterday, and participants were really impressed with your depth of knowledge and style of presentation. I knew you would nail the brief and you absolutely pitched it to the perfect level. They all seemed to get a lot out of the day and I think we will be able to use this as a good step into future development."

Katherine Hough, Senior Executive Officer, Faculty of Health

"When I first started my coaching with Ros I thought there was no way we’d get much done in only 3 sessions, but I am totally thrilled that there has been such a rapid and significant change in how I work. I am far more aware of how I and others communicate and how I can use this as data to help manage my communication with others. As I move forward I am feeling very positive and excited about the possibilities.

"The best part of the coaching was the effectiveness and clarity with which Ros presented things and the way that has helped me make some changes. Ros delivered incredibly relevant sessions in an unbelievably effective and efficient manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ros to anyone – in fact I already have!"

Michelle Folder, Manager, Community Development & Partnership Services - Hobart City Mission