Thriving in the Midst of Change

When You Can Thrive In Change, You Possess a Very Special Ability that Can Bring You Huge Success in Any Area of Your Life

Change is one of the few things in life that are inevitable. But despite this fact, very few people are prepared when those inevitable changes take place. If, however, you had the ability to prepare for changes before they happen so you can better handle changes when they do happen, you would have a very enviable and marketable skill. Perhaps more importantly, you would be able to better manage the twists and seemingly unexpected turns of your own life.

That’s why I’m offering a FREE series of 6 audio trainings on the topic of Thriving in the Midst of Change.

This series is designed to help you understand the phases of change, learn ways to welcome it instead of resist it, and give you strategies to thrive the next time you encounter a change. These audios are packed with time-tested wisdom and strategic advice that you can easily implement into your daily life. As a result, you’ll embrace the change taking place all around you, and even set an example for those you come into contact with every day. Further, you’ll be one giant step closer to being one of the few people in the world who actually are able to cope well with change.

Each audio training is conveniently only 4-6 minutes long so that you can experience powerful mind-shifts interspersed throughout your busy schedule. You’ll also be able to progress very quickly! Best of all: thriving in the midst of change is an ability that will help you in all areas of your life: at home, at work, and anywhere change can take place unexpectedly.

You’ll be truly amazed at your new reactions to situations that used to stress you out.

In this remarkable audio training you’ll cover issues like:

  • The Three phases of the change process
  • How different personality types deal with change differently
  • How to navigate through the challenging transitional phase of change
  • How to be resilient in the face of change over and over again
  • 5 tips that will help you become your best self and thrive during change
  • How to help others cope with the difficulties of change.

The Thriving in the Midst of Change audio training is composed of the following lessons:

  • Audio 1 – Change: What’s it Really All About
  • Audio 2 – What’s Your Style When it Comes to Change?
  • Audio 3 – Position for a Transition During Change
  • Audio 4 – Bouncing Back from Change
  • Audio 5 – Becoming the Best You
  • Audio 6 – Helping Others Navigate the Course of Change
Thriving in Change cover

These lessons will be delivered to your email inbox and you’ll also be provided with a transcript of the audio if you want to read along, keep it for future reference, or share it with a friend!

It’s all yours – absolutely free!

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Still not sure? Check out these testimonials from previous participants

Change is a very discussed topic at the moment, and for the most part it feels complicated. Ros made it really easy for anyone to understand. Her material has a logical sequence that makes you feel comfortable about approaching and embracing change. I would recommend it to anyone frighten about change, it’s a true roadmap for transformation. I’ve been in the Transitional phase from some time now and her material gave me the wings to take action. As we speak I am ‘Starting Anew’, thanks to
Maria Marc, Feedback on Free Change Program

Having experienced badly managed change programs in a corporate environment and also instigating change for my own personal improvement I found the 6 series of emails very insightful and helpful. I wish my previous employers had managed the change process and re-structures using Ros and her service as the experience would have been easier on us as employees and we would likely have embraced it more. From a personal perspective I thrive in a changing environment when I am in control so it was interesting to identify myself so I can also be more aware of myself when change is thrust upon me. In particular I found the final recording most useful in helping support others in their change. The phrases Ros suggested to use were fantastic and I have used them already in client and personal exchanges.
Johannah B, Confetti Design – Feedback on Free Program

Rosalind’s audio program on change helped me to build in some “bouncy ball” resilience which I needed after moving countries with my young family. With change being our only constant, her immediate actionable insights, techniques and tips on how to adapt to and navigate change whilst still keeping my sanity have been extremely valuable. I appreciate that I could get a quick dose of insight in a short period of time, delivered in an easy and understandable manner. Thank you
Brenda T, Feedback on Free Change Program

The Program that Ros has created is very effective and I can see the program helping a lot of people who are going through change at work. I would highly recommend her program to others.
Andie Noon, Scruffy Dog Studio – Feedback on Free Program