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How does your office design influence employee productivity?

Making the magic happen is a responsibility that lies mostly on your employees. They can’t do that if you aren’t providing them with the magic wand they need. Sometimes, the key to unlocking that magic lies in designing an office space that creates the right flow of energy to boost their productivity. They do so much for you – the least you can do for them is provide them with the right environment they need to get things done. All it takes is a great office design to make a noticeable difference in productivity.


The Desk Area

Nobody wants to hunch over in a plastic chair, trying to read a low screen they can barely see because the sun is shining directly on it. Having to constantly fiddle with the arrangement of their workspace or overcome discomfort is a real productivity killer. If you want your employees to sit down and start working, make it easier for them to do it. You need to create an ergonomic workspace. This often means opting for better chairs, higher computer monitors, and removing sources of glare.


Ease of Navigation

Your employees need to be able to get where they have to go. If everything is overcrowded, foot traffic through the office is almost impossible. People will procrastinate delivering important files or making copies if they have to force their way through a labyrinth to do that. If you’ve outgrown your current office space, you need to check Gumtree for a larger one. If everyone is on top of each other, they don’t have space to work.


The Break Room

Your employees need to take their breaks in order to prevent burnout. Where they take those breaks is just as important as the mere act of taking them. If your break room is uncomfortable and stocked with vending machines full of junk food, the end result won’t be good. Invest in a few soft couches so your employees can genuinely relax. Instead of relying solely on packaged empty carbohydrates full of added sugar to fend off snack cravings, offer healthier alternatives. Your employees will return to work genuinely refreshed and really nourished. They’ll be amped to take on the second half of the day.


Team Areas

There are plenty of things that everyone needs to do in groups. Training sessions, group meetings, team projects, and team building exercises are all necessary for a productive group of employees. You need to create an area that makes these activities easy. In a great training room, everyone should be able to see and hear clearly. Communication should be able to flow freely, and teams should be able to interact. You need to make the most of these moments, especially since you probably don’t get many opportunities to have them. Everyone will walk away feeling a little more confident in their skills and their connection to company culture.


The Office As a Whole

Paint the walls. Get nicer flooring. Hang up some art, and bring in fresh flowers every once in a while. When the environment feels warm and welcoming, your employees will enjoy being there. That aura of enjoyment can actually boost employee happiness, encouraging them to take an optimistic attitude about their workload. Your employees spend 40 hours a week in that space, and enjoying it will keep everyone’s spirits high, focused, and productive.


The internet is full of design ideas for office spaces, and you won’t need to look hard to find them. Abandon the idea of the traditional bland office. Venture out, innovate, and try something new.

Zoe Anderson is an avid blogger deeply interested in unique and original ways of promoting business. She is also a great follower of the Australian startup scene and with her background in education, she supports Study Select – training experts from Australia.

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