4 small ways to create a workplace of wellness

Every day, more and more companies are coming to understand the importance of instilling health and wellness programs for their employees. The benefits, after all, are seemingly endless. Employee wellness programs have been shown to improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, improve employee retention, improve employee recruitment, increase employee morale, and more.

In our last blog, we shared some of the most well-known employee wellness programs across the globe from companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Asana. In doing so, we hoped to demonstrate the many ways in which companies could create a healthier, happier workplace for their employees.

But if your company is just starting out on the road to better wellness or if you perhaps simply don’t have the budget to implement more robust programs, we’ve put together 4 small ways that you can make your workplace more wellness-oriented this week:


Switch up Office Chairs

It may seem like a simple thing to do away with your current office chairs, but if you consider that most office workers spend 40+ hours a week sitting on them, you can see why they play an important role. Especially when studies are showing that the more you sit, the poorer your health is. For that reason, may companies are going for office chair alternatives, examples of which you can find here or here. Chairs like these can help with posture, balance, and increasing your core strength.


Ditch Traditional Desks

You may have already heard about standing desks. The idea behind them is to keep office workers from sitting for too long during the day, given the health risks associated with sitting for extensive periods of time. Standing desks encourage more physical engagement throughout the day, with some even automatically elevating the desk space based on a timer. You can see some samples here, with versions costing as little as $25.


Install Better Lighting

This may come as a surprise, too. Can something as simple as office lighting really make a difference when it comes to your employees’ health and wellness? The answer is a resounding yes. The right lighting can enhance people’s sense of comfort and well-being, while also being energizing and mood-enhancing. Glare-free lighting in particular helps people work more efficiently with no eye strain. This article has some great ideas on how you can use lighting to increase productivity in the workplace.


Enhance the Break Room

The break room is the place your employees go to when they need to decompress and regain their energy. It stands to follow, then, that it should be an environment that’s especially wellness-oriented. Instead of having vending machines stocked with junk food, opt for fruit bowls, nuts, and other healthier treats that will nourish your employees. Make sure the break room is furnished for comfort as well, with relaxing chairs and couches to help employees take a load off their feet. And this goes for the workplace as a whole. Considering your employees spend 40 hours a week there, making it as comfortable as possible can go a long way. This might mean a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, art on the walls, fresh flowers, soft music, and more. This will boost happiness and naturally increase productivity.



Introducing wellness into the workplace is one of the best things you can do for your employees, given the many benefits. But for those on a budget or just starting out, simple ideas like the ones above are a great way to get things up and running.

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