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Five invaluable tools to better your workforce

With uncertainty running riot around the workforce, employees have been left feeling under-compensated and underappreciated. Looming recessions, wage cuts, and industry actions have led to ever-decreasing workplace morale, something managers are actively looking to combat. The below tools provide the perfect methods to do so, bringing back elements of excitement, drive, and anticipation that have been missing in Australia’s hybrid workforce.


As businesses grapple with today’s hybrid and remote workplace landscape, there is a constant search for resources both beneficial to productivity and connectivity. Luckily for managers, the Libby library reading app has both. It is the unique digital tool – powered by Overdrive – that allows companies to invite employees to their personalised library, providing a wide range of ebooks, audiobooks, and more. Organisations can curate their shelves to include the specific interests and needs of employees, making Libby a company-wide operational and enjoyable asset. As well as the existing range of digital content, employers can also upload their own content, such as employee handbooks, enhancing accessibility for all. This array of digital resources within Libby’s professional staff libraries can be easily downloaded to read content offline and can be accessed by employees anywhere, whether they are in-house or remote workers.

Available on IOS and Google Play


It’s well known in business that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, a claim that Perkbox acknowledges above all else. Operating as the ultimate motivation tool, they provide companies with access to their global benefits and rewards program. From cinema tickets to big brand gift cards, employees can accumulate points and put them towards personalised rewards they’ll value. As they offer such a wide variety of reward options, they cater to the diverse needs of all. Not only does Perkbox support employees, but it subsequently helps managers to maximise their team engagement and allows HR workers to retain a more productive workforce. Their platform is a gateway for your business to connect with employees, no matter how remote, and show them you care.

Available on IOS and Google Play


With the discourse surrounding mental health becoming ever more prevalent, companies are learning to better prioritise that in their employees. Me exists to help guide users through the inevitable stresses and nerves that accompany any work week. Their mobile app comprises of well-researched employee wellness programs for companies large and small, providing also the easy and necessary access to such resources. Their content covers physical, mental and emotional health through goal tracking, articles, quotes, guided meditation, playlists and more. Businesses are able to customise the app based on the needs of their team, creating tailored experiences to improve mental health and subsequent productivity levels. Me’s ultimate goal is to have their platform be used as a tool to foster only positive communication and relationships with oneself and one’s workplace.

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All managers and employees know that sometimes workplace stress and unhappiness merely stems from a lack of organisation and planning. The Asana app will help you avoid these unnecessary outcomes by providing a one-stop cross-functional work tool, helping to manage any and all company projects and deadlines. It contains calendar features, reporting capabilities and project boards to help teams work towards goals whilst remaining organised and efficient. It also helps to open communication channels between remote working teams, ensuring that no matter the location or hours of your employees, tasks are still managed and goals can be met. Asana is perfect for your operations and marketing planning, leaving employees more time to deal with the important work rather than the scheduling.

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The non-monetary benefits that accompany any job are what compel staff to improve their quality of work. Work culture is just as important, if not more so, than any financial compensation, especially in today’s modern workforce. Nectar’s whole purpose is to provide an employee recognition program that encourages the prioritising of these positive work cultures. Their platform connects individuals and teams within a company via shoutouts, challenges, notices and point redemptions for rewards, leaving employees engaged and excited for their work. From an employer perspective, Nectar’s extensive analytics and reporting also allows managers to monitor who is being best recognised and what challenges and features are most popular on the app. With seamless integration to other business software, Nectar will allow you to see a positive change in your workplace’s culture from the get-go.

Available on IOS and Google Play

About OverDrive Australia

This article was contributed by authors from OverDrive Australia.

OverDrive is a mission-based company that stands with libraries. Named a Certified B Corp in 2017, OverDrive has a dedicated team in Australia with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company serves more than 88,000 libraries and schools in 109 countries with the industry’s largest digital catalogue of ebooks, audiobooks, video and other content. OverDrive’s commitment to empower every library and school includes expanding access for all, tireless industry advocacy and consistently innovating. Award-winning apps and services include the Libby library reading app, the Sora student reading app, Kanopy, the leading video streaming app for libraries and colleges, and, which offers one of the largest catalogues of supplemental materials that enhance literacy outcomes. Founded in 1986, OverDrive’s world headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

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