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The SPORT Method for Nailing Your Meetings

Tired of pointless meetings? Us too! The fact is, meetings can be incredibly powerful tools for making decisions, solving problems, and bringing teams closer. But let’s be honest, they can also feel like the ultimate time-wasters. Thankfully, there’s a neat model called the SPORT method to help us get our meetings back on track. Let’s dive in!


S – Situation

Before you even think about sending out that calendar invite, take a step back. Ask yourself, “Why am I calling this meeting?” Get clear about the issue or topic you need to tackle. If there are any useful readings or materials, make sure to share them with the team beforehand. That way, everyone hits the ground running.

P – Purpose

Next up, pin down the purpose of the meeting. Make it short, sweet, and clear. For example, “We’re meeting to chat about the new invoice signing policy.” This tells everyone why they’re there, guides you in crafting the agenda, and makes it easier to see if the meeting was a hit or a miss.

O – Outcome

Now, what do you want to get out of this meeting? Maybe it’s something like, “We want everyone to agree on and sign off on the policy document.” Having a clear goal helps keep everyone’s eyes on the prize and ensures your meeting stays on track.

R – Resources

Don’t forget about the nitty-gritty stuff. This is all about making sure you’ve got a room booked, the right equipment on hand, and the necessary people invited. Be thoughtful about who you include – if they don’t need to be there, don’t invite them just for the sake of it.

T – Time frame

Finally, keep an eye on the clock. Most meetings shouldn’t go over an hour. In fact, we’re fans of the fifty-minute meeting – starting five minutes past the hour and wrapping up five minutes before the next hour. This gives everyone a bit of breathing room. If you reckon the meeting will need more time, make sure to include breaks, or split it into a few different sessions.

The SPORT method is like a secret weapon for better meetings. It helps keep things clear, engaging, and respectful of everyone’s time. So, the next time you’re in charge of a meeting, give SPORT a try and watch those yawns turn into high-fives!

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