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10 Easy HR Video Ideas To Engage With Employees

An organization needs to take care of more things than the profit margin to run a business. Profit margin is not the only way to measure a business’s success – satisfied employees at workplaces also speak volumes about the organization.

Employee engagement is the ultimate reason behind the overall success of well-known businesses across the globe. However, keeping new hires and old employees motivated to thrive at the workplace at the same time can often seem challenging. It’s not always possible to get in touch with them regularly in person and hold meetings.

There’s a great way out to make the new hires feel welcomed in their workplace and the old employees motivated – making HR videos. Well-made HR video content can do way more than meet your expectations.

Here are 10 highly impactful yet easy HR video ideas for you that will make a huge difference in your work environment in no time.

HR Video: All You Need to Know

The human resources team is one of the most important parts of any organization. Without HR’s support, recruiting new employees, training employees to upskill themselves, and culture building will not be an effortless task.

Now, it’s not possible for organizations to always do what is required for employees in person, and this is where the importance of HR videos begins. Keep your valuable employees thriving and remind them of social events, workplace anniversaries, holidays, etc., in a fun way by making HR videos.

Engage Efficiently with Employees: 10 Ideas for HR Videos

Employee satisfaction results in the overall well-being of a business, which makes investing time, money, and effort into making video content for employees worth it.

Making video content doesn’t always have to involve a big-budget production team – you can get the job done by filming videos yourself and using online video editing software to get professional outcomes.

That said, let’s take a look at ten highly effective HR video ideas that will not require you to spend a fortune.

Recruitment Advertisement Video

A lot of outreach is required to find the right employees for your business – you must put forward your best foot to make the deserving candidates understand that your organization has what they need in a workplace.

Now, in the era where there are countless apps for job listings, what’s the way of standing out? – the answer is video content.

Instead of going in the same direction as others, create a recruitment advertisement video to get the most deserving candidate for your business. In the video, you can showcase your company’s culture along with the job description to give applicants an idea of what they can expect from the company.

Welcome Video

New hires enter their new workplaces with lots of expectations, and making them feel welcome in your company is the most important thing you need to take care of. While it’s not always possible to welcome new hires in person, well-made video content can be a great alternative.

To make a ‘New Team Member Welcome’ video, film your workplace and introduce some of the future colleagues to the new hires. Such actions will be an icebreaker and help them blend into the workplace easily, starting from their very first day.

Company Mission Statement Video

Help your employees understand the purpose of your business and the work experience they will gain by working for your business. This kind of video can also be uploaded on social media platforms to get the attention of interested applicants.

If you’re on a tight budget for video production, film videos yourself, edit your video, and put the most focus on forming a good script that makes an impact on the applicants as well as the employees.

A well-made “Company Mission Statement” video will remind your new and old employees to stay focused and motivated.

The Workplace Experience Video

Before the recruiting process begins, it’s necessary to show your potential candidates what they are about to experience in their new workplace – they must take a good look at who they are going to work with, what their typical day at their workplace will look like, and so on.

Making a “What It’s Like Here” video is the most effective way to get this aspect under control. These kinds of videos will also prepare the new hires for their first day at work, as they will get a sense of the company’s culture.

That’s not all – by giving them a tour of the workplace in such videos, you will help employees not feel lost on their first day.

New Employee Introduction Video

Employees are likely to be curious about the new hires in the workplace. To help them get along with the new faces, send them a short and sweet “New Employee Intro” video.

While editing the video, make sure that it’s not longer than a minute. All you have to do when you edit a video like this is include pictures and details of the new employees, so the rest of the workers understand who they’ll need to meet and greet.

Team Introduction Video

Both the new hires and existing teammates will be eager to know about each other. To make this process quick, create an engaging “Meet the Team” video for the new hires. This way, the new employees will know who they will be working with and how the vibe will be at the workplace.

All you have to do to edit a video like this online is gather a couple of pictures of the team members, form a “Meet the Team” template, and write a short description of each member.

Workplace Guidelines Video

Each company goes by a set of rules to manage sanity in the workplace. To help your new hires get along with the workplace’s culture in a short time, send them a video of “Workplace Guidelines” before their first day.

Make sure that the video covers all the bases and replaces traditional handbooks.

Tutorial for Setting Up Work Tools

New employees often have a hard time setting up their tools for work, and not all of them feel comfortable asking for help.

To make things easier for them, send them short instructional video content on their very first day. This way, the new hires will not have to ask a billion questions to the old employees regarding work tools.

Soft Skill Training Videos

An employee training program is not enough to make your employees efficient – soft skills like managerial skills and leadership often get overlooked, while these skills help the most in the long run.

Soft skills training is usually not a part of employee training programs, so it’s quite hard to make time for soft skill training sessions during work hours. It’s a good idea to send employees a series of soft skill training sessions to make them more efficient.

Make sure to keep the videos short so that employees can learn on the go.

Employee Appreciation Videos

A little bit of appreciation goes a long way for the majority of people, especially employees who work hard each day to make a difference. Many companies thank such employees for special events that occur twice or thrice every year.

While this is a good practice for keeping employees motivated, regular appreciation can show greater results. Form a company culture filled with positivity – create employee appreciation videos and praise the hardworking employees for their littlest achievements.


Video content has always appealed to people, and employees are no different. Well-made videos can catch a person’s attention in seconds and provide value to their lives in different ways. Upgrade the vibe of your workplace with HR video content, and get ready to see amazing results in the long run.

Guest Author: Elena Schelfhaut, Content Team – InVideo

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