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7 more podcasts for leadership training

Last week on the blog, we shared 6 of the best podcasts for leadership training. Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular forms of training on the internet today, and there are countless podcasts available right now when it comes to leadership and personal development.

Perhaps the best part about podcasts is that you don’t even have to leave your home in order to take advantage of the wealth of information they contain. Besides that, you can listen to podcasts on just about any device: your laptop, tablet, phone, etc.

Since our previous list on podcasts was so popular, we’ve decided to put together a follow-up list featuring 7 more podcasts that regularly make the ‘best of’ charts in leadership publications and websites.

CCL LeaderCast, hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership. In this podcast, the Center for Creative Leadership – a worldwide leader in leadership education – highlights the latest in research and best practices for today’s leaders, managers, and business people.

Stand Out Life with Ali Hill, hosted by Ali Hill. From Ali’s website: “Stand Out Life is a podcast dedicated to living boldly amongst the busyness; finding those little moments of magic amongst the mess. Throughout these podcasts I sit down with influential women – and a few good men – and chat about how they live a life of purpose while making progress. We dig into their stories, both the success and the struggles and in doing so, we get some amazing insights into what it takes to live big in this crazy busy world.”

Start with Why, hosted by Simon Sinek & Team. So many people are inspired by the Why and The Golden Circle. This podcast exists to deepen our understanding of The Golden Circle so we can better harness the power of Why. David Mead and Stephen Shedletzky from the Start With Why team share stories and interviews with people who are living examples of putting the Why into action.

The LEADx Show, hosted by Kevin Kruse. The New York Timesbest-selling author of Employee Engagement 2.0 interviews the hottest leadership experts five days a week. Each episode ends with the guest challenging listeners to get 1 percent better by trying out one specific idea from the show. If you want a daily tip from the world’s best leadership coaches, this show is for you.

Accelerate!, hosted by Andy Paul. Accelerate! primarily targets sales leaders, but it touches on fields that range from leadership to lead generation. Recent topics have included sales and marketing alignment, the neuroscience of decision making, and how to warm up cold calls. With new podcasts six days a week, there’s a lot of compelling content.

This Is Your Life, hosted by Michael Hyatt. This is a podcast that focuses on helping overwhelmed high achievers win at work, succeed at life, and lead with confidence. Hyatt discusses the finer points of leadership, productivity, influence, personal development, and goal-setting in his show. This Is Your Life imparts wisdom, humor, and lessons on intentional living to young leaders and elite professionals alike. It’s impactful and meaningful.

Beyond the To-Do-List, hosted by Erik Fisher. This hour-long show analyzes how to be productive both professionally and personally. Erik Fisher interviews guests who discuss both their successes and failures. This podcast is perfect for any executive who wants more time to focus on leadership development but still continues to struggle with productivity issues.


So there you have it! Just seven more of the many podcasts available right now on leadership and personal development. Try them out and see if you resonate with any of the hosts. You might just end up finding a new favorite podcast.



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