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7 ways to celebrate business success with your team

Celebrating business success should be a mainstay of your team management. It brings lots of practical benefits. Your team are likely to be motivated by the praise and recognition they have received for their work and will continue to work hard towards their next goal. Bringing the team together for a celebration helps to build and cement team relationships. And taking a break from the usual working day schedule can actually mean your team return to their desks rested and able to work more productively.

The benefits associated with celebration of success in the workplace has also led some organisations to celebrate the small as well as the big wins they experience. That way your team aren’t only rewarded for their efforts once or twice every year at the end of a big project. They are regularly given the morale and productivity boost that comes with small win celebration.

So the benefits of celebrating success are clear. But how to go about it? Here are seven ways to celebrate those business wins with your team:


  1. Go Out For Drinks

After work drinks (particularly if the company can afford to buy the first round) is a great way to celebrate success. It’s a chance for everyone to let their hair down a little and get to know their team mates a little better.


  1. Open Meetings by Giving Praise

A simple but effective way to celebrate, open your weekly meeting by offering praise to those who have made significant achievements in the previous week. This recognition for hard work can provide great motivation to your employees, both the achievers and the ones who want to replicate their success.


  1. Plan a Company Lunch

A company lunch allows your team a little time away from their work to celebrate the success they’ve helped to create. You could provide coffees and pastries for brunch or lay on a spread of sandwiches and salads at lunch time. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, ask your employees to contribute by baking a cake or bringing in something homemade. Chances are everyone will relish the opportunity to share food and a little downtime with their colleagues.


  1. Organise an Away Day

Taking your team out of the office for a day will provide a memorable celebration. You could sign everyone up to an adventure sports activity, visit a new city, attend a cookery school or just head down to the park for some fun team building activities and a picnic.


  1. Create a Success Board

Designate a particular notice board in a public place within the office as the Success Board. Whenever anyone does anything worthy of praise, put a notice up on the board about it. You could even encourage team members to put up notes about their fellow workers. Publicly acknowledging successes in this way can really boost morale and motivation.


  1. Ring the Success Gong

For those little successes that happen throughout the day, having a gong or a bell to ring to notify the office of what has happened is an easy way but effective way to celebrate.


  1. Finish Work Early

Reward your team for their success with an early finish to the working day. Giving your team a little extra spare time will feel like a real treat. Let everyone go a few hours early on a Friday afternoon when productivity experiences a lull anyway.


Regularly celebrating business success makes future success that bit more likely. Your team will be motivated, high in morale and working together towards your next big goal.

Sophia Mest is a Content Manager at BizDb, where she aspires to put her writing passion into practice and spread her words across the world. She spends her free time travelling and exploring the wonders of nature.

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