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9 ways to get over the mid-afternoon slump without coffee

How many times a week do you find your alertness or energy fading in the middle of the day? If that never happens to you, congratulations! But for many of us, what’s known as the mid-afternoon slump is an all-too-common experience.

Maybe you ate something that day, such as a whole bunch of donuts at breakfast, that causes you to experience a spike in blood sugar only to have it come crashing down in a few hours. Or maybe you just haven’t gotten up from your desk in a while, and all of a sudden you find the sleepiness coming on.

Whatever the reason (and you should try to figure out the reason) there are things you can do besides slamming a cup of coffee that can help you recover and power through until the end of the day. What are they? This graphic offers some solutions.



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