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How to keep millennials motivated and focused at work

In the present age, the workplace culture is fast changing as more and more millennials are becoming a part of it. It is expected that within the next five years, half of the employee population will comprise of millennials. It is important to know that they are culturally as well as educationally different than the generation before them. So it is essential to adapt to new ways to keep millennials motivated and focused at work. Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you out:


Align Them with Your Vision

Millennials are notorious for job hopping, so if you want them to stay, you will have to show them the bigger picture and what’s in it for them. This generation looks for meaning and wants to see the difference that their work is making. It is important that you tell them about the significance of their role, and the part they can play to help the organisation achieve its vision. If they feel valued, they will stick around for long.

Give Them Work Life Balance

Millennials want work life balance and don’t believe in working around the clock. The whole idea of having a 9 to 5 job doesn’t do them any good because they are more interested in seeing the impact of their work. It is important that you don’t overburden your employees. You might consider handing out some work-related tasks to third party services such as Employment Innovations. In addition to this, millennials are tech-savvy, so they appreciate working at any time from any place in the world. Offering them flexible timings as well as remote working facility will do the trick.

Offer Them Benefits

Check One great way to go about is to offer them a performance-related reward, which would include a paid vacation for the employee who performs well. Millennials see their salary as a given, whilst any additional experiences or peer awards can make the biggest difference. Socialising with their peers is also a huge motivator and retention tool. Booking regular off-site celebrations is an easy way to reward the whole workforce. A great example of this can be seen in workplaces that organise harbour cruises for their corporate functions through providers such as Sydney Princess Cruises and others.

Give Them the Chance to Grow

One of the reasons why millennials are known for job hopping is because they don’t have the patience to wait several years for promotion. This is the reason why you need to give them a chance to grow by creating career opportunities with them. Offering regular training and development programs will help them grow professionally and excel in their career.

Give Them Regular Feedback

The generation tends to perform better when they are given constant feedback and are appreciated for their work. Make it a point to send a personalised email to them where you give them feedback about the areas that need improvement and at the same time appreciate the things that they have done well. This will help them overcome their weakness and boost their morale.


Summing it up, millennials have a lot of potential that organizations can use to their advantage. These are just some of the ways in which you can keep your millennial employees motivated and focused while also helping them achieve a higher value of performance, efficiency, and returns

Haris Quintana is a writer and marketer at Employment Innovations. If he’s not working, he takes film photographs, makes homemade cinema, and writes poems.

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