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5 diagnostics to enhance your team performance

Chances are you’ve probably taken a diagnostic at some point in your life—maybe without even realizing it. If you’ve ever taken an online quiz to learn your personality type, for instance, you were in effect ‘diagnosing’ your character to learn more about your traits and why you are the way you are. Diagnostics are often […]

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6 ways to boost your workplace’s IT efficiency

    As technology continues to improve, IT efficiency is becoming increasingly important to business operations. The affordability of modern equipment means that business performance is no longer limited by hardware, but by use of effective IT strategies. IT experts can improve business IT efficiency by optimising business resources, processes and service quality, using a […]

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Effectively managing extraverts in the workplace

Continuing our series about introverted and extraverted personalities in the workplace, today we’ll be discussing how to effectively manage extraverts. We’ve already covered this topic where it concerns introverted employees (you can read that blog here), where we suggested ideas such as setting boundaries in open-space offices, implementing virtual communication, and allowing time to jot […]

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The benefits of extraverts in the workplace

Lately on the blog, we’ve been discussing personality. The workplace is filled with a variety of personalities. Chances are than in your own workplace, no two people are completely the same. We human beings operate on such a wide spectrum of temperaments informed by our worldview, past experiences, comfort level, and thinking methods—and those are […]