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The 4 traits of resilient people – conclusion

Today we’re concluding our series on The 4 Traits of Resilient People with a look back on the ground we’ve covered regarding this topic and some final tips on how you can implement the 4 Traits into your every-day life.

In a lot of ways, resilience is a subject matter that draws people in effortlessly. Who wouldn’t want to be more resilient? We read or hear the stories about resilient people, and their journeys put us in awe. We admire them for what they accomplished in the face of the greatest trials. We marvel at their inner strength and how they persevered even when it seemed like fate was against them.

It speaks to a part of us. After all, we all want to triumph. We all want to beat the odds. We all want to conquer our giants and champion our mountains. So when we hear of others who exude the utmost resilience, it’s inspiring. You could almost say that it’s a call to arms, encouraging us to rise to the challenge, assuring us that being resilient isn’t too tall an order. It’s something we can all aspire to.

How? All it takes is mastering 4 specific traits, and over the course of the past few weeks, we have discussed these traits at length: Confidence, Purpose, Social Support, and Adaptability.

If you want to become more resilient, then it follows that modeling yourself after the traits most commonly displayed by resilient people will be your quickest path to that end-goal. So as we draw this series to an end, let’s take a look at some final tips on mastering each of the above traits.

Confidence: What are your strengths? What are your abilities? What are your unique talents? Start to bring them centerstage and pay closer attention to them. Celebrate them. Utilise them more frequently. You’ll find that you’ll begin to feel more confident than ever. Resilient people are always studying and learning, looking for new challenges so that their minds have plenty of opportunities to expand.

Purpose: Do you have a purpose that’s driving you? Is there something that you’re waking up for every morning, something that compels you to overcome any obstacle that comes your way? What’s your personal mission statement? What are the mission statements for your career, your finances, your family, etc? When we understand why the things we do are important (including why we are alive at all), we can endure setbacks just fine because we keep our eyes focused on what it is we’re heading toward.

Social Support: Do you have a support group of your own? If so, how can you lean on them more during times of change? If not, who are some people you can begin to reach out to? Resilient people are comfortable reaching out when they need help because they value the support of others. My clients often tell me about how helpful it is to have “someone to talk to”, be it friends, family, partner or workmate.

Adaptability: Do you tend to see the glass as half-empty or as half-full? It may just determine whether or not you’re able to adapt to change and bounce back on a quicker timeline. The next time change enters your life and brings what seems like bad news with it, reframe the situation. What are the positive things that you can still lay claim to? How are you still powerful? What are you still able to do? What hasn’t changed? Focus on those things, and in them, you will find the strength to rise above the negative.


Remember: resilience is something we can all aspire to. It’s not only for the legends and heroes that we read or hear about in the stories. It’s something that exists in our every-day world as well. And the sooner we learn how to become more resilient, the sooner we’ll be able to better handle change whenever it unfolds in our lives and thrive as individuals.

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