5 Ways to Handle Employees With More Expertise

Most people imagine a natural hierarchy of knowledge in the workplace. It seems to be that the people with the most expertise manage those who are still learning.

In the real world, however, it doesn’t always happen that way. If you’ve found yourself in charge of someone who seems to be a jack of all trades, it can be a tricky situation to navigate. You might want to change the way you handle that employee – you’ll both be better for it.



Move Them Up

It’s one thing to deal with an employee who is simply incredible at his or […]

Workplace Diversity and How It Affects Employees

Workplace diversity means employing team members who are different from one another. That difference could be found in gender, race, religion, culture, sexuality, age, education, background and countless more.

Diversity has many benefits for a business. People with different life experiences come to the table with different perspectives. This means many different solutions can be proposed for the same problem thus making an effective solution more likely.

Equally, diversity means different ways of behaving and doing business. When entering a negotiation or decision making process, a diverse company will have a full range of abilities and approaches to choose from. They […]

What thought leaders say about positive culture in the workplace

Today, we’re featuring another installment in our ongoing ‘Quotes From’ series, where we share insightful and inspirational quotes from leaders and industry experts from all over the world regarding a specific topic. Today’s topic revolves around the importance of building a healthy and positive culture in the workplace for employees.

Imagine a workplace where…

Your employees are actually glad to come into work
Their collaborations with colleagues come easily
Your team brainstorms and develops phenomenal ideas
All hands are on deck, and everyone’s committed, focused, and enthusiastic about the work ahead

As a result, the end-products you produce are game-changing for […]

How to manage employees who work from home

Having employees work from home means that you can have a business that is both flexible and cost-effective. If you have a business that requires maintenance customer service, technical support, administrative work, translation, research, writing, editing, or web design, you can certainly employ people who work in the comforts of their home.

These kinds of jobs don’t require a very constant face to face communication with the managers and colleagues. Nonetheless, some management is still necessary to ensure a smooth flow of work. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the ways that you can manage your employees […]

7 Ways to Celebrate Business Success with your Team

Celebrating business success should be a mainstay of your team management. It brings lots of practical benefits. Your team are likely to be motivated by the praise and recognition they have received for their work and will continue to work hard towards their next goal. Bringing the team together for a celebration helps to build and cement team relationships. And taking a break from the usual working day schedule can actually mean your team return to their desks rested and able to work more productively.

The benefits associated with celebration of success in the workplace has also led some organisations […]

How to Keep Your Team Motivated All Day, Every Day

As a team leader it can be exhausting to juggle all of your own duties, let alone make sure that everyone else is motivated enough to carry out theirs. I’ve learned that the hard way after two and a half years of heading up our marketing team.

Add in that we’re all remote workers who have never met each other in person, and you have a recipe for low motivation all around.

Thankfully, necessity breeds innovation, and through a brutal run of trial-and-error I’ve found five core tips to help inspire your team and keep everyone motivated all day, every day. […]

Virtual Team Management Checklist

Today’s guest article is written by our newest associate: Zoe Tracey. Zoe is an insightful, dynamic and dedicated human resources practitioner who achieves strong business outcomes by identifying and addressing issues and building capability at an organisational and individual level. An organisational development specialist with experience across a broad range of projects, Zoe brings a behavioural focus to leadership and organisational effectiveness. Read more about Zoe and her experience here.

Virtual teams are increasingly common in today’s workplace.  Whether your team is geographically dispersed and located in different cities or countries, you are on the road a lot and are not […]

How to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged and Productive

Managing a team is difficult enough. It’s even harder when your team members are located all over the place. When sitting at the same table is no longer an option, you’re going to need to approach things differently. It may be a little difficult at first, but eventually, it will become routine. Whether this is a long term remote work situation or a temporary fix while certain members of your team are away on a business trip, you’re going to need to adapt your methods to work over a longer distance. Below are some strategies to keep in mind.


Be […]

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How to Break Bad News to Your Team (Without Killing Their Motivation)

When bad news comes around, it can often be devastating to a team. Whether it’s a project failure, a tightening of a deadline, or the removal of resources, it can kill their motivation to keep trying harder. You don’t want this to happen, so what do you do? Here’s how to break that bad news without destroying your team’s motivation.

Support them, always
One of the first things to do, even before you have bad news to deliver, is to ensure that you have a great work environment for your employees. You need a strong support system in place which makes […]

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4 ways to communicate effectively in meetings

Today, we’re beginning a new series on communication. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing insights, strategies, and tips for communicating during all kinds of circumstances: under stress, in the workplace, when delivering a presentation, and so on. The valuable content we provide will help you excel as a communicator and gain a highly coveted skill that can see you rise in both your personal and professional life.

We’ll begin by discussing how to communicate effectively during business meetings. In the corporate space, meetings are part of the routine. They serve many purposes. For one, they encourage teamwork by […]

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