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4 secrets to attracting millennials to your workplace

In 2016, millennials (a generation usually defined by those born between 1981 and 1996) became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. In the years to come, the members of this generation will be the ones to eventually assume the managerial reins of companies the world over. To ensure the security of your company’s future […]

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4 tasks your company can start outsourcing today

In our last blog, we discussed the many benefits to outsourcing, a business practice that’s fast becoming more popular than ever. Those benefits include: cutting costs, bringing in more expertise, increasing your company’s efficiency, and freeing up valuable time that can be better spent on the tasks that increase your company’s bottom line. When companies […]

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Thinking about outsourcing? 4 reasons why you should

In this day and age, outsourcing is becoming more popular than ever. There’s a good reason for that. As more and more companies allow for remote, home-based work, company heads are starting to explore other ways to manage their in-house talent and resources more intelligently. This often results in delegating certain tasks to offsite professionals, […]

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Getting started with a pet-friendly workplace, and things to consider

In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace. The benefits of a pet-friendly workplace are many, and they all point to one unmistakable fact: being around their pets makes a person healthier, and a healthier employee makes for better work quality, better productivity, greater loyalty to a company, and an […]

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Workplace diversity and how it affects employees

Workplace diversity means employing team members who are different from one another. That difference could be found in gender, race, religion, culture, sexuality, age, education, background and countless more. Diversity has many benefits for a business. People with different life experiences come to the table with different perspectives. This means many different solutions can be […]

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How to manage employees who work from home

  Having employees work from home means that you can have a business that is both flexible and cost-effective. If you have a business that requires maintenance customer service, technical support, administrative work, translation, research, writing, editing, or web design, you can certainly employ people who work in the comforts of their home. These kinds […]

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How to keep your remote workers engaged and productive

  Managing a team is difficult enough. It’s even harder when your team members are located all over the place. When sitting at the same table is no longer an option, you’re going to need to approach things differently. It may be a little difficult at first, but eventually, it will become routine. Whether this […]

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Developing an effective employee training program

There are few steps during the hiring process that are more important than the proper training of employees. However, many businesses fail to recognize this fact and this can lead to high turnover rates and unprepared workers. Here are some tips for developing an effective employee training program.   Identify Goals The foremost step in […]

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The benefits of hiring a graduate instead

Hiring a graduate can feel like a risky decision at times. Is their limited experience enough? Will they be too young to fit with your company culture? In some cases, it can actually be the best decision you ever make. Graduates bring current knowledge, youthful flair and a fresh determination to the table. What they […]

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5 strategies to overcome unconscious bias

Last week, we began an in-depth look into unconscious bias. It’s especially important to be aware of unconscious bias because of how much it contributes to our decision-making. As a leader, you must be aware of just how much your thinking is shaped by unconscious thinking. Then, you must learn how to overcome it so […]