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Want to get started with a leadership journal? Here’s how

In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of keeping a journal, especially if you’re in a position of leadership. In fact, journaling for as little as 15 minutes a day can potentially improve a person’s confidence and self-awareness. Others report benefits such as better organisation, improved decision making, improved attitude, enhanced intention, and positive […]

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Want more high-performance days as a leader? Keep a journal

Can keeping a journal boost your leadership skills? In our last blog, we took a close look at the most common daily habits that highly successful leaders tend to practice every morning. One of those habits—and one that you’ll find countless CEOs, executives, managers, and leaders extoling across the board—is journaling. In fact, in Hal […]

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Team-building exercises: 4 unique activities for your team

Looking for your next great team-building exercise? Chances are you’re already well familiar with the benefits of such activities. Not only do they give employees a chance to get to know each other outside of the office, they’re also a great way to reduce stress and facilitate bonding between team members. Below are some unique […]

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Etiquette rules for the modern workplace

They say familiarity breeds contempt, and considering the average employee spends 40 hours a week in the workplace, it stands to reason that sometimes, tension can surface between colleagues. More than ever in today’s workplace, it’s essential to have etiquette rules in place that create healthy boundaries that allow work relationships to thrive. This will […]

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Need to encourage your employees? Try these methods

Employees are the building blocks of your business. The stronger the team you’ve assembled, the more robust that business will be. If that team falters in any way, however, it can have consequences that impact the company as a whole. That’s why it’s so important to invest in your employees in every possible way, especially […]

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How to help your employees achieve great work-life balance

  Despite the transformation that has happened in the world of business – from introducing flexible hours, telecommuting, all the way to freelancing – it seems that the elusive idea of balance is still a work in progress. Companies are starting to realise just how essential overall happiness and fulfillment is for their employees to […]

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5 ways to add more fun to your workplace

Is your workplace having fun? As counterintuitive is it may seem, incorporating fun into the workplace can create a big boost in productivity. Indeed some of the most successful companies in the world are also some of the most fun places to work. Why? Because sharing a few laughs with your employees can make them […]

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Getting started with a pet-friendly workplace, and things to consider

In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace. The benefits of a pet-friendly workplace are many, and they all point to one unmistakable fact: being around their pets makes a person healthier, and a healthier employee makes for better work quality, better productivity, greater loyalty to a company, and an […]

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Should your workplace be pet-friendly? The surprising benefits

It should come as no surprise that people love their pets. In Australia alone, 83% of the population has had a pet at some point, and in America, 9 in 10 people say that they consider their pets a part of the family. Workplaces all over the world are taking notice. Indeed, it’s become a […]