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5 Reasons Leaders Need Time Out

4mins 22s watch time or read below for 5 reasons leaders need to take time out. In working with leaders, and facilitating leadership programs, one of the key things I am hearing is from people regularly is that leaders are increasingly critically time poor, and that is not going to be a surprise to you. […]

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Tips for getting the best from your leadership coaching

If you are a leader, a business person or just want to learn to be more effective at work, executive coaching is one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself. A good coach helps you gain clarity and provides a safe yet challenging environment for you to practice self awareness and to […]

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4 key characteristics of effective leaders

I have spent many years working with, observing, teaching and coaching leaders. I have also heard many stories from employees about leaders they have loved to work for and those they have not enjoyed as much. There are some key themes that I have observed in leaders who are highly effective and get the best […]

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Making employee engagement meaningful

Today’s guest post comes from Darren Sprod of Halogen Software: Organisations talk a lot about employee engagement, and some go to great effort and expense to install comforts and conveniences meant to put smiles on employee faces. But unless it matters to employees, it’s just another HR program that’s not helping to support business goals. While […]

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Goal setting – handle with care!

Think back to your early experiences as a manager – your “Management 101 class”. You were probably given some training or direction on goal setting. It was likely a variation on the SMART acronym, and you would have been told that goals are good because having targets motivates people. All good and useful stuff. However… […]