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Lead Like You: Interview with Jo Wagstaff

At 32 Jo Wagstaff was the only female executive at one of Australia’s leading wealth management organisations, when she was poached by James Packer to join his then financial services group. On the surface she ‘had it all’ – the career, the car, the home, the husband and the baby. That was the year it […]

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Book Review: Unlocking Leadership Excellence: The Power of Greatness Through Subtraction

Today, we’re exploring an enlightening approach to leadership and productivity, as presented in Sam Schreim’s book, “Greatness Through Subtraction“. This guide isn’t just another item for your reading list. It’s a transformative perspective on how achieving more by doing less can lead to unparalleled success and fulfillment for you and your teams. I recently received […]

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How to Work With Almost Anyone – Interview with Michael Bungay Stanier

What if the person who’s written the most practical and best-selling book on coaching for managers and leaders turned their attention to the health of working relationships? Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone* is a practical guide for anyone who wants to stop hoping that their working relationships will be […]

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The Neuroscience of Time Management: Leveraging Energy for Productivity

When you think about time management, what comes to mind? For many, it’s calendars brimming with appointments, productivity hacks, or multi-tasking tactics. While these strategies have their place, they often overlook a crucial piece of the puzzle: our energy. Understanding the importance of managing energy, along with time, is a game-changer for leaders seeking to […]

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Becoming Flawesome: Embrace Your Imperfections and Live Your Truth

Title: Becoming Flawesome: Embrace Your Imperfections and Live Your Truth Author: Kristina Mand-Lakhiani Publisher: Hay House Publishing Publication Date: July 2023 “Becoming Flawesome,” a deeply insightful work by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, is a testament to authenticity and self-love, urging readers to let go of societal pressures and embrace their flaws. Hailed as “10 years’ worth of […]

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First Leaders: Leadership Principles of First Nations Societies for the Modern Leader

Join Ros Cardinal and the author of First Leaders, Andrew O’Keeffe, as they discuss leadership lessons from the First Nations. Andrew O’Keeffe’s interest in the human-side of workplaces goes back a long way. As a youngster growing up in the outback mining town of Broken Hill, Andrew was intrigued by the city’s rich industrial relations […]

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5 bestselling books about personality

We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about personality on the blog—and with good reason! We each have a personality, but understanding who we are on a deeper level, what makes us tick, and why we do the things we do can often be a lifelong quest. Unfortunately, when dealing with a vast array […]

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6 must-read books to boost productivity and potential

In our last blog, we provided some unique, game-changing tips to help you and your team be more productive in the workplace. Better productivity is something all high achievers aspire to. When we’re more productive, we tend to feel more fulfilled—and, of course, we get more work done and therefore position ourselves closer to our […]

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5 books every leader should read in 2018

With a New Year just around the corner, you’ve no doubt started giving thought to your goals for 2018. As a leader, chances are you’ll meet with your team for annual planning to chart the course of your company’s growth for the next year, to prepare for new growth, and to plan for any challenges […]

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7 books to help you become a better leader

The most successful leaders know that you never stop learning. They’re continuously building upon their skills and they’re regularly expanding their knowledge base. If you’re an avid reader who enjoys adding to your toolbox, here’s a list of 7 incredible books that will help you become a better leader. You can click the cover image […]