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The 4 skills of emotional intelligence, part 3

How much do you know about emotional intelligence? Did you know, for example, that mastering emotional intelligence could work to your benefit in the workplace? Did you know that it’s a skill that can give you the advantage even in your own personal life? As human beings, we are emotional creatures. That’s simply the nature […]

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How to improve boundary fluidity within your company

Today, we’re discussing the final trait among the five named as the most stand-out in highly adaptive teams, according to an article by Roselinde Torres. As a review, here are the traits we’ve already covered:   One Voice. “Adaptive teams take the time to get completely aligned about the organisation’s vision, values, and vital priorities, while […]

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How to maintain alignment within your company

A study titled “The Value of Adaptive Advantage” proves that the more adaptive companies are, the more financial gains that company generates. They also consistently outperform their industry peers and sustain superior performance over time. The study showed that there were basic tenets in place when it came to highly adaptive teams: distributed leadership (the […]

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Helping your team become better planners

Last time on the blog, we began a discussion on some principles featured in the book Die Empty by Todd Henry. Leaders especially will thrive as a result of absorbing the material that Henry presents, particularly where it concerns bringing out the fullest potential in the people you lead. That’s because in Die Empty, Henry […]

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4 things to do before starting the succession planning process

Last time on the blog, we discussed some of the benefits organisations could experience simply by having a succession plan in place. These benefits include a significant increase in employee engagement and a higher number of identified, well-developed leaders on board. You can read the full article here. Over the next few posts, we’ll discuss […]

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Is your organisation focusing on the right leadership traits?

This is the final installment in a series we’ve been featuring about key leadership traits based on a report published earlier this year by McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. “Over 90 percent of CEOs are already planning to increase investment in leadership development,” the report reads, “because they see it as the […]