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How to Manage Difficult Team Members

At one point or another, there’ll come a time when you have to handle a situation with a team member who can be described as ‘difficult’. Perhaps you already have. Or perhaps you’re dealing with the rising tension at present and know the moment is just on the horizon.

How you deal with such team members will say a lot about your leadership style and will also set the tone for your workplace at the same time, which is why it’s essential you know exactly how to go about it.

Below, find 5 tips for managing difficult team members in a […]

Developing an Effective Employee Training Program

There are few steps during the hiring process that are more important than the proper training of employees. However, many businesses fail to recognize this fact and this can lead to high turnover rates and unprepared workers. Here are some tips for developing an effective employee training program.


Identify Goals

The foremost step in creating an employee training program is to identify the goals that need to be met for success to be achieved. Every business is unique, and therefore the goals will be dictated by the requirements in the workplace. For instance, when training hotel employees you may want to […]

How to create the culture of innovation

Every workplace needs a little more innovation to carry it into the future. The top performers in your office might have been with you for years, and they’re probably used to the way you’ve always done things. If your original company culture never held innovation as a core value, it’s time to make some changes. This means it’s time to get rid of a lot of the everyday processes you take for granted and allow the imaginations of your employees to fill the gaps.


Get Together

Ideas can’t grow and people can’t contribute if they’re all sprawled out in different corners […]

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How Does Your Office Design Influence Employee Productivity?

Making the magic happen is a responsibility that lies mostly on your employees. They can’t do that if you aren’t providing them with the magic wand they need. Sometimes, the key to unlocking that magic lies in designing an office space that creates the right flow of energy to boost their productivity. They do so much for you – the least you can do for them is provide them with the right environment they need to get things done. All it takes is a great office design to make a noticeable difference in productivity.


The Desk Area

Nobody wants to hunch […]

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5 more ways to troubleshoot workplace stress

Today, we’re finishing up our miniseries on workplace stress.

We’ve covered a great deal of ground these past few weeks when it comes to this incredibly important yet often overlooked topic. Despite how pervasive an epidemic it is (approximately 40% of employees experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety on a daily basis), not enough workplaces are addressing the issue head on. Instead, stress has become something of a taboo subject that workers shy away from.

Perhaps these workers don’t want to seem ill-equipped to handle the demands of their job. Or perhaps the majority of us have simply accepted that ‘everyone […]

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5 ways to troubleshoot workplace stress

Last time, we began a new series all about dealing with stress in the workplace. It’s an important topic. Especially when approximately 40% of employees experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety on a daily basis.

Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. over at has this to say: “Stress isn’t always bad. Stress within your comfort zone can help you stay focused, energetic, and able to meet new challenges in the workplace. Stress is what keeps you on your toes during a presentation or alert to prevent accidents or costly mistakes at work. But in today’s hectic world, the workplace can often seem […]

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How to Boost Morale through Team Building Activities | Ento Guest Post

In the 1980s and 1990s, media representations of what the workplace looked like were almost unbearably grim. From Office Space to Weekend at Bernie’s, Friends to The Drew Carey Show, workplaces were represented as soulless, empty places run by faceless corporations with zero qualms about working employees to the bone.

Thankfully, the workplace in 2016 looks a lot different. Sometime between the 90s and now, businesses twigged to the fact that a workplace rife with unhappiness can be costly. Between the hit to productivity, the increase in sick leave, and the difficulty in attracting and retaining top talent, smart businesses […]

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4 ways to empower your employees

You’ve probably heard the expression before that your team is only as strong as your weakest link. This is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to companies and organisations. After all, employees are the building blocks of your business. The stronger the team you’ve assembled, the more robust that business will be. If that team falters in any way, however, it can have consequences that impact the company as a whole.

In fact, a recent report asserts that poor customer service has led 89% of consumers to stop doing business with a company. This isn’t surprising, considering […]

Helping employees overcome a scarcity mindset

Last time on the blog, we introduced the concept of a ‘scarcity mentality’ in the workplace—a very real matter that many employees experience across a wide variety of companies and organisations.

Why does the scarcity mentality matter in the workplace? Because if your team members maintain such a mindset in their day-to-day job, it can have detrimental results: pessimism, unhealthy competitiveness among each other, and a general lack of cooperation. Suddenly, instead of viewing each co-worker as a colleague and teammate, employees view those in their workplace as rivals they must best. This unfortunately leads to an environment that feels […]

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5 Strategies to Overcome Unconscious Bias

Last week, we began an in-depth look into unconscious bias. It’s especially important to be aware of unconscious bias because of how much it contributes to our decision-making. As a leader, you must be aware of just how much your thinking is shaped by unconscious thinking. Then, you must learn how to overcome it so that it doesn’t negatively impact your judgment, personal growth, learning, or job performance.

Today, we’re going to discuss how you can do just that.

But first, a quick recap from our last blog about how unconscious bias works and why it’s developed among us:


“Research suggests that […]