Workplace Diversity and How It Affects Employees

Workplace diversity means employing team members who are different from one another. That difference could be found in gender, race, religion, culture, sexuality, age, education, background and countless more.

Diversity has many benefits for a business. People with different life experiences come to the table with different perspectives. This means many different solutions can be proposed for the same problem thus making an effective solution more likely.

Equally, diversity means different ways of behaving and doing business. When entering a negotiation or decision making process, a diverse company will have a full range of abilities and approaches to choose from. They […]

How to communicate to employees in times of stress

Today, we’re finishes our series on communication. Over the past several weeks, we’ve been sharing insights, strategies, and tips for communicating during all kinds of circumstances.

Our hope is that the valuable content we’ve provided will help you excel as a communicator and gain a highly coveted skill that can see you rise in both your personal and professional life.

In our first installment, which you can read here, we discussed 4 ways to help you communicate more effectively in meetings.

In our second installment, which you can read here, we discussed communication strategies you can easily master to help you become a more […]

How to Break Bad News to Your Team (Without Killing Their Motivation)

When bad news comes around, it can often be devastating to a team. Whether it’s a project failure, a tightening of a deadline, or the removal of resources, it can kill their motivation to keep trying harder. You don’t want this to happen, so what do you do? Here’s how to break that bad news without destroying your team’s motivation.

Support them, always
One of the first things to do, even before you have bad news to deliver, is to ensure that you have a great work environment for your employees. You need a strong support system in place which makes […]

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5 more ways to troubleshoot workplace stress

Today, we’re finishing up our miniseries on workplace stress.

We’ve covered a great deal of ground these past few weeks when it comes to this incredibly important yet often overlooked topic. Despite how pervasive an epidemic it is (approximately 40% of employees experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety on a daily basis), not enough workplaces are addressing the issue head on. Instead, stress has become something of a taboo subject that workers shy away from.

Perhaps these workers don’t want to seem ill-equipped to handle the demands of their job. Or perhaps the majority of us have simply accepted that ‘everyone […]

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Helping employees overcome a scarcity mindset

Last time on the blog, we introduced the concept of a ‘scarcity mentality’ in the workplace—a very real matter that many employees experience across a wide variety of companies and organisations.

Why does the scarcity mentality matter in the workplace? Because if your team members maintain such a mindset in their day-to-day job, it can have detrimental results: pessimism, unhealthy competitiveness among each other, and a general lack of cooperation. Suddenly, instead of viewing each co-worker as a colleague and teammate, employees view those in their workplace as rivals they must best. This unfortunately leads to an environment that feels […]

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5 Strategies to Overcome Unconscious Bias

Last week, we began an in-depth look into unconscious bias. It’s especially important to be aware of unconscious bias because of how much it contributes to our decision-making. As a leader, you must be aware of just how much your thinking is shaped by unconscious thinking. Then, you must learn how to overcome it so that it doesn’t negatively impact your judgment, personal growth, learning, or job performance.

Today, we’re going to discuss how you can do just that.

But first, a quick recap from our last blog about how unconscious bias works and why it’s developed among us:


“Research suggests that […]

The 4 Traits of Resilient People – Conclusion

Today we’re concluding our series on The 4 Traits of Resilient People with a look back on the ground we’ve covered regarding this topic and some final tips on how you can implement the 4 Traits into your every-day life.

In a lot of ways, resilience is a subject matter that draws people in effortlessly. Who wouldn’t want to be more resilient? We read or hear the stories about resilient people, and their journeys put us in awe. We admire them for what they accomplished in the face of the greatest trials. We marvel at their inner strength and how […]

The 4 Traits of Resilient People – Social Support

This is the third installment in our ongoing series about the four traits of resilient people. It’s a fascinating topic and one that I cover at length in my upcoming book Thriving in Change (working title).

I truly believe that resilience is a skill we can’t afford to live without. Why? Simply put, when we are more resilient, we tend to be better able to handle whatever circumstances life hands us. We also tend to take better control of our immediate future. To put it another way, when we’re more resilient, we aren’t paralyzed by sudden changes and we don’t […]

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The 4 Traits of Resilient People – Purpose

Do you know someone in your life who you’d describe as a resilient person? Or perhaps you came across a story once about an individual who displayed such resilience you couldn’t help but admire them.

In my soon-to-be released book, Thriving in Change (working title), resilience is one of the topics I discuss at length. Learning to be more resilient is absolutely essential when it comes to bouncing back from change more readily. When we are more resilient, we tend to be more resourceful with the circumstances life has dealt us and we tend to take better control of our […]

The third stage of change

In my upcoming book, Thriving in Change (working title), one of the things I discuss are the many stages of change. In today’s blog, I want to give you an exclusive sneak peek at an excerpt from the book which deals with the third stage of change: the starting anew stage.

Most people find that in retrospect, the change they feared and dreaded was indeed an opportunity for growth. And that is what thriving is all about. Carl Brand sums it up nicely: “Though one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and […]