What thought leaders say about emotional intelligence

Today, we’re featuring another installment in our ongoing ‘Quotes From’ series, where we share insightful and inspirational quotes from leaders and industry experts from all over the world regarding a specific topic. Today’s topic revolves around emotional intelligence.

We’ve talked a lot about emotional intelligence here on the blog. In fact, we’re currently discussing emotional intelligence in a slideshare series, the first installment of which you can view here. The second installment is available here.

Why is emotional intelligence so important? For one, emotions are information. They tell us something about how we and others are feeling about a situation or […]

4 ways to communicate effectively in meetings

Today, we’re beginning a new series on communication. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing insights, strategies, and tips for communicating during all kinds of circumstances: under stress, in the workplace, when delivering a presentation, and so on. The valuable content we provide will help you excel as a communicator and gain a highly coveted skill that can see you rise in both your personal and professional life.

We’ll begin by discussing how to communicate effectively during business meetings. In the corporate space, meetings are part of the routine. They serve many purposes. For one, they encourage teamwork by […]

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Seek First to Understand

Today, we’re continuing our series on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


If you’ve missed any of the previous installments, you can access them below:

In Part 1 ,we discussed the importance of taking initiative and being proactive in life.

In Part 2, we discussed how getting clear on your values will help you live a more meaningful and satisfying life.

In Part 3, we covered the necessity behind time management and effectively setting goals.

In Part 4, we talked about the notion of thinking ‘win-win’ to build your character and create better relationships.


So let’s now discuss Habit #5 in Covey’s bestselling book: seek first to […]

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Begin with the End in Mind

Welcome to the second installment in our new series about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

If you missed the first installment, you can read it here. In it, we discuss the first habit in Stephen Covey’s bestselling book, and that is the habit of being proactive. This is all about your response to life’s challenges.

Are you passive when trials surface, letting things happen to you and believing there’s nothing you can do to change your situation? Or are you a self-starter, taking the initiative because you understand that there’s plenty you can control and influence, and so you […]

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Helping employees overcome a scarcity mindset

Last time on the blog, we introduced the concept of a ‘scarcity mentality’ in the workplace—a very real matter that many employees experience across a wide variety of companies and organisations.

Why does the scarcity mentality matter in the workplace? Because if your team members maintain such a mindset in their day-to-day job, it can have detrimental results: pessimism, unhealthy competitiveness among each other, and a general lack of cooperation. Suddenly, instead of viewing each co-worker as a colleague and teammate, employees view those in their workplace as rivals they must best. This unfortunately leads to an environment that feels […]

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3 Ways to Help Your Brain Learn

Julia Sperling is a medical doctor with a background in neuroscience. She’s also a faculty member of McKinsey Leadership Development. Her work focuses on shifting mindsets and behaviors by highlighting beliefs and biases that constrain personal growth, learning, and job performance.

These include misconceptions about how the brain works, often popularized by bad journalism and now disproved by neuroscience. You may have heard that you’re either right- or left-brained. Wrong. Or that you only use 10% of the capacity of your brain. Nope.

In fact, the latest research suggests that the brain is infinitely more capable of learning in myriad ways, with […]

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5 Strategies to Overcome Unconscious Bias

Last week, we began an in-depth look into unconscious bias. It’s especially important to be aware of unconscious bias because of how much it contributes to our decision-making. As a leader, you must be aware of just how much your thinking is shaped by unconscious thinking. Then, you must learn how to overcome it so that it doesn’t negatively impact your judgment, personal growth, learning, or job performance.

Today, we’re going to discuss how you can do just that.

But first, a quick recap from our last blog about how unconscious bias works and why it’s developed among us:


“Research suggests that […]

The 4 Skills of Emotional Intelligence, Part 2

Last week on the blog, we began a series on emotional intelligence. More and more people are becoming acquainted with this term, which you often hear tossed around at staff development seminars or human resource trainings.

But what is emotional intelligence? How does it serve us? How can we use it in day to day life? Why does better understanding emotional intelligence and using it to our advantage lead us to leave more productive and happier lives?

These are the questions we’re focusing on over the course of this new series, and as we address them, you’ll see how you can […]

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The 4 Traits of Resilient People – Conclusion

Today we’re concluding our series on The 4 Traits of Resilient People with a look back on the ground we’ve covered regarding this topic and some final tips on how you can implement the 4 Traits into your every-day life.

In a lot of ways, resilience is a subject matter that draws people in effortlessly. Who wouldn’t want to be more resilient? We read or hear the stories about resilient people, and their journeys put us in awe. We admire them for what they accomplished in the face of the greatest trials. We marvel at their inner strength and how […]

The 4 Traits of Resilient People – Adaptability

Today we offer our final installment in our series on The 4 Traits of Resilient People. You can find the previous three installments here:

Part 1: Confidence

Part 2: Purpose

Part 3: Social Support


The final trait we will be discussing in this series is: Adaptability.

This is perhaps what we most associate with resilient people—their ability to adapt to any situation no matter how difficult and their ability to persist in the face of the greatest odds. This is why we so admire them. It seems that nothing can bring them down. To put it simply, we admire the strength of their spirit.

This particular […]

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